Situation in Chile

The state of emergency has been lifted, which means that all the law enforcement activities are back to the police jurisdiction and there are no curfews in place.

Although there are still demonstrations, riots have decreased in their number and violence. The Chilean society and political class have now embarked in a process of reflection and dialogue to improve the way we live and protect those most in need. The government decided to cancel two large summits which were going to be held in Chile in the next weeks, APEC and COP 25, mainly to avoid stretching the police resources even further. The travel advice remains the same, i.e. to exercise caution and avoid public demonstrations.

To facilitate the arrival in Viña del Mar, we will have some taxis available in the airport. For those of you traveling on your own, we recommend to take the buses to Viña, because the demonstrations in Valparaiso are more frequent.

The travel advisory is found in the following links: